The block was hot when an old video surfaced showing a songwriter rapping the exact lyrics (over the same beat) to Cardi B’s newly released track #BeCareful. Check the #CardiB hashtag for audio.

When the video started to go viral and the ghostwriter claims ensued we did a little digging and found out this wasn’t a typical ghostwriter situation. He’s credited as a writer on the song (swipe to see). Our source tells us that #JordanThorpe (the songwriter featured in the video @lifeofthepardi ) has been on #CardiB ‘s team for the longest and even won a Grammy nomination with her on #BodakYellow . Our source says that Jordan has helped to develop her sound and is actually listed on the writing credits for her new single #BeCareful on #AppleMusic. The block has simmered down.

Check out the audio here:

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