The internet came for #OITNB baddie #RubyRose this week after she pledged to donate $10,000 to the #LGBTQDisasterReliefFund. If you’re scratching your head trying to understand why, then let us fill you in.

Some social media users took her good deed a little too literal and accused Rose, who is gay, of only wanting to help the LGBTQ community. “So you are only willing to help out gay people suffering from the floods in Houston?!?! You are a disgusting human being,” one person tweeted the actress. Added person said, “This is so wrong. All lives matter. Not just LGBT.”

In a lengthy statement, the actress tell these people that they could not have been any more wrong and that the LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund actually helps everyone in need. She also made time to throw a little shade towards #JoelOsteen too!

“The LGBT center does not just help LGBT members in a crisis like this, it does not discriminate people in need based on gender, sexuality, race or religion. It is one of the most inclusive organizations I can think of,” she began. “It is not as though they check how gay you are on entry.”

“Unfortunately many organizations have in the past denied entry to people based on the above, however I am extremely proud to hear how Texans have joined forces in such a beautiful, heart warming way and I’ve heard no such story.. well.. except the biggest Church with 16,000 seats is closed while the owner of said Church hasn’t opened his doors to his 10 million dollar home either. . but the 20+ Mosques are open… to all. Days ago I did donate to an animal organization helping over there too, truthfully I just don’t post everything I do as it’s not really about that.. this was a unique situation as the benefit in creating awareness to the center out weighed the usual criticism of “Is that all you donated” or ” why gay people ” or ” attention seeker ” etc.. it’s far more rewarding to donate anonymously by a long mile.”

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