Could MiMi be the same low down hood rat that she claims Joseline is? Could Karma have come back to haunt her?

Steevie J and eve2


Mimi has long stated that she and Steevie J has been together for 15 years, however that means she and Eve were dating Steevie J at the same time.  Does this mean Steevie J was still in love with Eve after all these years because their first born name is Eva?


We’ve heard rumors for years that Eve was heartbroken when Steevie J cheated on her but the side piece was never revealed.  Is this side piece

everyone was referring to Mimi?

Steevie J tweet

Check out the tweet from Steevie J, he is certainly a hot mess for putting his baby momma on blast like this, but could this really be true?

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta will be interesting this coming Monday for part II of the reunion

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  1. Steebie J and his insecure women with mommy issues. None of them are married to him, and they are all side pieces if he’s a single man. He’s not really trying to commit.

  2. I don’t watch reality tv, but I JUST made the connection who this fool was. I have lost respect for Eve that she actually wasted time with him. Why you calling him “Steevie J”?

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