#Roommates, how many would y’all take things a petty level if you found out that your boo was cheating on you with your best friend?

Well, try and top this story about a #Venezuelan man who invited he and his girlfriend’s family and friends to a soiree just to announce that she had been cheating on him with his best friend!

According to #MetroUK, in his speech, the man addressed his best friend Alberto saying, “I have known you for more than 20 years. You are the father of my great brother and friend…But courting my wife is a power move.”

He recorded the speech in a video that has gone viral, which shows the man take his girlfriend Daliana’s cell phone to reveal the RECEIPTS! He showed all of the guests the text messages between the cheaters, which showed that his best friend was about to cash the girlfriend out for a new $40,000 apartment.

After he started showing the receipts from Daliana’s phone, which is when those in attendance reportedly feared the speech would get violent, but apparently he remained calm.

His girlfriend tried to get her phone back but the man chucked it into a nearby swimming pool before another woman pulled the girlfriend away.

“I really thank you Alberto with all my heart for the sincere and profound friendship that you showed me in these 20 years, and Daliana too, of course these two years you have shared with me hypocritically…Alberto and Daliana have a relationship,” the man said before he hit a mic drop.

Clearly the man was DONE done and that’s definitely going to be a breakup to remember.

#Roommates, do you think the Venezuelan man went overboard or was he just the right amount of petty? Let us know!

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