O.J. Simpson’s daughter Sydney Simpson, 31, and son Justin Simpson 28, are raising suspicion with their real estate purchases from the past two years.

According to TMZ, both of his children, who he shared with the late Nicole Brown, live in Florida where they work in real estate. According to reports, they have purchased multiple apartments in St. Petersburg.

There are reportedly no mortgages on the properties, leading others to believe they were paid for in cash.

An attorney for Fred Goldman, “who won a $33.5 million judgment from O.J. Simpson, following the civil trial for the families of Goldman and Simpson,” wants to follow the kids’ money trail.

Fred Goldman is the father of Ron Goldman, who was killed the same night as Nichole Brown.

Goldman is interested in seeing if O.J. is hiding any money because O.J. still owes a large from the judgment.

According to reports, it would be difficult to do so because O.J.’s pensions and annuities are protected under Florida’s law.


Roommates, do you think O.J. could be hiding his coins?

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/31/o-j-simpson-justin-sydney-real-estate-florida/

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