#Roommates, get into this crazy story! NYPD Sgt. Tracy Gittens was surprised when she found out that she failed a random drug test and tested positive for marijuana.

“I was shocked. I do not do drugs,” said Tracy, who claims she was the victim of a false positive from her weave, as she testified at her department trial at police headquarters Friday. “When they told me I tested positive I immediately volunteered to take another test. It was impossible for the test to be positive.

After Tracy got her results from her initial test in January 2017 she went and got a urine and blood test at her doctors office. Sis wasn’t playing no games because she got a hair test the next day as well. All her tests came back negative for drugs.

“The (initial) test had to be wrong because I do not do drugs,” she said.

She was suspended for 30 days after her positive results came in. Tracy claims that the NYPD officer who took a snip of her hair for testing accidentaly took a piece of her weave instead of her natural hair.

Sis said during her testimony that when she went to get retested the nurse took a sample of her hair from the top of her head and not the “back of her neck” as the officer had done.

“I didn’t have my hairpiece on then,” she said about the second test. “(It was) all natural.

This is serious because she could end up losing her job over this . She paid out of pocket for a DNA test to prove that the initial sample hair wasn’t hers, but according to prosecutors, the results showed that it was a match!

“Unless a maternal relative somehow came in and switched out the samples with her own hair, there is no way this hair could be anyone’s but Sgt. Gittens,’” Department Advocate Office attorney Jeanie Moran stated.

She ended up getting another sample tested at a different lab and that came back positive as well!

Her attorney has decided to take a different approach and now argues that prosecutors “haven’t offered any evidence, whatsoever” that Sgt. Tracy Gittens intentionally consumed marijuana, basically saying that she may have been a victim to second hand smoking.

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