Image: netflix/warner bros.

Not for the first time, the people asked — and Netflix answered. 

In part of a series of announcements Friday about small but crucial changes to its platform, Netflix revealed a “Skip Intro” button that does exactly what it says.

As soon as the credits start — whether they’re at the beginning, like one of Netflix’s Marvel shows, or after a couple minutes — a little rectangular button pops up giving you the option to SKIP INTRO. After that, the decision is yours: Watch the blood pour over Daredevil’s city or cut to the chase (probably literally).  It’s ideal for when you’re burning through a show and can already recite the cast’s full names in order and hum a perfect cover of the theme song on command.

You can even skip the intros that are barely intros, roughly the length of a title card.

This one might not be worth it.

This one might not be worth it.

If you watch Netflix on a desktop computer, it already automatically starts skipping the introduction and “Previously on” after several consecutive episodes of a show. Now that’s folded into a handy “Skip recap” button.

Netflix users have wanted this option for a long time, especially in the last several years as bingeing became societally acceptable (thanks, Netflix!). 

Mashable reached out to Netflix, which has chosen to let the button speak for itself.