The Beyhive’s next victim is Rita Ora. Find out why inside, plus Marlon Wayans is readying a Lemonade clapback for the men!

Lordt! The Beyhive went and stung Rita Ora!

A picture popped up on social media of a faceless person, who many are saying is Rita, wearing a lemon covered bikini and wearing a necklace that people THOUGHT was a J, but it actually looks more like an R for her own name. Does that make her, the former Roc Nation artist, “Becky with the good hair?” Especially considering those old rumors (that had no basis) that Rita and Jay Z had something going on behind Beyonce’s back.

For the umpteenth time, no, we don’t believe any song Beyonce does is autobiographical. But clearly, many do.

We all know the Hive isn’t big on details, because they are all up in Rita’s Instagram. Her comment section is in shambles…in posts days and weeks old:

Rita has yet to comment.

Meanwhile, comedian Marlon Wayans hilariously said he’s readying a Lemonade clapback, strictly for the fellas. And he’s going to call it….Kool-Aid. Ha! Check his post below:

Hilar! We actually would LOVE to see this….

Photos: Instagram

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