Chrissy Teigen, supermodel and Twitter queen extraordinaire, rarely misses an opportunity to troll someone ― even if that someone happens to be hubby John Legend.

Legend wholeheartedly approved:

Sweet, husbandly support, right? But the exchange escalated quickly from there, thanks to Teigen:

Not even a minute later, the model figured maybe she should have toned it down a little: 

The tweets didn’t end there, though. Watching Legend’s work as a particularly judgmental team advisor on NBC’s “The Voice” only gave more fuel to Teigen’s fire: 

The more Legend criticized contestants, the more Teigen’s inner troll came out: 

Then, in typical troll fashion, she called him a “dick” again: 

Then lastly ― just to end the night on a high note ― she gave the world this hilarious Twitter search: 

For what it’s worth, Legend pretty much agrees with his wife:


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