Thessalonika Arzu-Embry rushes.

She rushed to finish her bachelor’s degree by age 14, and her master’s degree by 16. The 18-year-old is now rushing to wrap up her Ph.D. in business psychology at Capella University in the fall.

“If I see opportunity to go forward, I would say, ‘Why slow it down?'” Arzu-Embry said. “It’s best to go through it and take advantage of the opportunity, because it will help other people as a whole; it will help businesses and society.”

Arzu-Embry, who recently moved from the North Chicago area to Chicago, is writing her dissertation on dreams, which she said a lot of people think of as “junk mail” but can be an interesting way of looking at what they’re experiencing in life.

She’s also pursuing her various business enterprises, developing apps for Google and Apple systems, pushing her books and attending speaking engagements. She hopes to use her doctorate degree to contract with companies in the aviation industry to help them adjust for human factors and keep employees from doing bad things while in the air.