Imagine the flight you’re on having to detour and land in a whole different location from your destination because someone’s #MCM wouldn’t stop doing pull-ups on the overhead compartment!

An American Airlines flight going from Phoenix to Boston reportedly had to land in Kansas City due to this very matter.

A witness on the flight told WBZ-TBV that the unidentified man boarded the flight with two dogs and appeared to be drunk. “The guy actually grabbed on to it and started doing some pull ups on the plane in front of everybody,” the witness said.

A flight attendant reportedly asked him to sit down multiple times, but wouldn’t listen, and even called her out of her name!

The flight then had to land in Kansas City where law enforcement officers got on the plane to escort him off.

All that tea but guess what #Roommates?! The man wasn’t even charged and the plane continued on to its destination!

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