Former celebrity stylist — who is having difficulty getting stylist gigs because no one wants to work with her — was rudely rebuffed when she tried to get an invite to an ultra private NBA All Star party in Dallas this past weekend?

The recently divorced mother of five ordered her reps to secure her an invite to the NBA party, but I’m told that once the organizers got wind of her request they said — and I quote — “We really don’t want her here.”

The reps, who were wary of bruising the Oakland native’s very fragile ego, tried to let her down easy but she figured it out anyway that she simply wasn’t wanted at the party. So she did what any self-respecting narcissist would do — she decided to go anyway.

This twice divorced stylist, who believes with all her heart that she’s a celebrity, took matters into her own hands and called around Dallas finally locating a NBA wife who could get her an invite to the glamorous affair.


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