Oh, No! They were a cute couple! I guess cute don’t always cut it. Especially if there are underlying issues. Well, Brandy Norwood’s team has confirmed what fans already assumed and announced that the singer’s engagement to former fiancé Ryan Press is off.


A rep told US Weekly:

“They are no longer together. The engagement is off, but the friendship is still on.”

It would have been the first marriage for Brandy, 35, who has refused to directly address the engagement rumors so far. Brandy accepted Ryan’s marriage proposal back in 2012, and she expressed that she didn’t want a long engagement.

“I’m ready to get it done. I’m not trying to be engaged for a long time. Ain’t nobody got time for that,” she told Sister 2 Sister last year.

It seems Ryan was the one delaying the nuptials with his grand wedding plans. “If it were left up to me—if I were the only one in the wedding—it would be simple, but my fiancé has a lot of friends, and they all want to share in that moment with us,” Brandy told Essence.com back in July. Ryan, who followed tradition and asked Brandy’s family for her hand in marriage, apparently got the approval of Brandy’s closest relatives before popping the question.

So, it’s still unclear why the two aren’t heading down the aisle. Regardless of what happens between Ryan and Brandy, the Grammy-winning singer/actress does want a family and more children down the line.

The rep also added:

“She still wants to be married and have more kids, but she I working on so many other things right now.”

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