Beyonce’s younger sister Solange who has been in the spotlight a lot for her choice to shave her head and go au’naturale is at it again…

A movement back to natural hair is underway in the U.S., and like I said…Solange Knowles is at the forefront of that movement.

Solange and the “Transitioning Movement” wants to help black women to return to their roots and embrace their natural hair. So Solange created a video to promote a new website started by Carol’s Daughter called

In a chat with Lisa Price, Solange, who usually wears afro wigs, talked about her decision to go natural.

“To me, [it’s] just another outlet of expression, it’s funny to see the social response, their interpretations of what a haircut, what a hair change means.”

The Transitioning Movement website — which launches this spring — will offer tips, product recommendations, photos, expert Q&A sessions and more for women transitioning from relaxers and weaves back to their natural wavy or curly hair.

Gumbumper… To me there is nothing wrong with having a movement and a cause… but, damn it’s hard for some of us sista’s to go natural… I’m pro whatever you choose for “your” hair.

Everyone is different.. So, don’t trip on me cuz I’m not natural and act like it’s wrong to wear weave or perm… it’s all a CHOICE! Stand up to that… PRO CHOICE

What do you think, ladies and gents??

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