Yesterday Nivea took to her Twitter page to shoot down rumors that she smashed her car while drunk driving after Toya Carter’s wedding.  Well Nivea’s mugshot and details from that DUI that never happened have surfaced. According to TMZ around 1:30am Sunday morning Nivea, who had her baby in the car, crashed her ’06 Mercedes into a downed tree that had cones and yellow caution tape around it. When police arrived Nivea told them she didn’t see the tree, the cones or the tape. Officers noticed she was glassy eyed and smelled like alcohol and Nivea admitted having three drinks earlier in the evening. Nivea was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and reckless driving and her baby was released to her boyfriend. Nivea still insists she was not drunk.
Nivea, should of known TMZ was going to find out, and I’m a little puzzled why she had a baby in the car, and she had been drinking?

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