R&B songstress Nivea (and Rasheeda) gives Timbaland and Drake’s ‘Say Something’ a female make-over by premiering their remix video of the same name. The track is lifted from Rasheeda’s new mixtape ‘Boss Bitch World’, in which the 27-year-old is pressing ahead with a music comeback this year. Apparently, she has been in the recording studio laying down some tracks for her upcoming new album ‘Purple Heart’.

Sorrrryyyyyyyyyy But, we don’t have our hands on the vid YET But, Nivea also released a scornful buzz track over the weekend titled ‘Love Hurts’. I don’t have much to say about it. I mean, it’s not terrible but it’s not that good either. I’m going to have to keep it real and say her comeback attempts have been awful in the past. ‘Animalistic’ was musical blasphemy, so if you’re wondering whether or not I’m anticipating then the answer would be a resounding ‘no’. She needs to cut the crap and go back to releasing hot albums like ‘Complicated’, and her debut!

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