Many people around the world continue to mourn the unfortunate passing of Nipsey Hussle. Shortly after the news of his passing, Steve Soboroff, the LA Police Commissioner revealed that a meeting between him, Nipsey, the LAPD Chief Michel Moore and Roc Nation was planned for today. They were scheduled to discuss ways to help stop gang violence and ways to help the kids.

According to TMZ, despite the shocking loss of Nipsey, the meeting will reportedly still take place Monday afternoon. Sources reportedly revealed to the site that the meeting would still take place at the request of Roc Nation’s head honcho, Jay Brown.

Jay wanted to push forward with Nipsey’s wishes, and someone from Roc Nation will attend the meeting on Nipsey’s behalf.

The site spoke with Steve Soboroff, who expressed that he wished he would have held the meeting sooner. He said, “The sadness that I feel — I wish we could have had the meeting on Friday. I think he would have been excited about all the possibilities, and I know we were.”

Jay reached out to the Commissioner about three months ago to coordinate the summit. Nipsey’s intentions were to talk about gang violence in L.A. and ways to prevent it.

We continue to send our deepest condolences to the loved ones of Nipsey Hussle during this difficult time.




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