Nipsey Hussle lost his life in an untimely, senseless shooting on March 31st 2019. Today, April 11th, he will be laid to rest.

Fans and family got the chance to send their final goodbyes to Nipsey during his memorial service that was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

During the memorial, many celebrated Nipsey’s life by sharing memorable stories and performing musical tributes.

Fans shared photos of Nipsey’s memorial program:

In the program, Lauren London included a heartfelt text message she sent to Nipsey on January 21st, 2019–two months before his passing.

This beautiful video montage of Nipsey and his loved ones was played during the service:

Barack and Michelle Obama were a part of the service as well as they wrote a thoughtful letter to Nipsey that was read by Karen Civil:

Jhene Aiko performed a beautiful music tribute in honor of Nipsey:

Nipsey’s children went on stage to say a few words about their father. Understandably so, they couldn’t bring themselves to do so in the moment.  Lauren’s son Kam held his bro’s and sis down by sharing this beautiful speech though:

Lauren London stood strong and tall as she spoke on her love for Nipsey:

Nipsey’s brother Sam, Snoop Dogg, YG, and DJ Mustard all had some beautiful words and memories to share about Nip:

Following the memorial, Lauren London shared this tattoo she got of Nipsey’s face:

In the video below, you get a glimpse into Nipsey’s final ‘Victory Lap’ around LA:

We continue to keep all of Nipsey’s loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.



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