Nicki did an interview with and talked about her biggest pet peeves, her guilty pleasures and celebrity crushes:

On her celebrity crushes:

My Celebrity Crushes: I always thought Morris Chestnut was a big hunk of chocolate.  I also say Blair Underwood and Boris Kodjoe.  I like them big and tall.”

On her guilty pleasures:

“I love butter pecan ice cream.  I like to eat lemons with salt.  I always have a hoarse voice and people told me to eat lemon with honey.  I loved the way lemons taste and I started putting salt on it. I’m weird. So tomatoes were my crazy guilty pleasure when I was little.  A freezing cold pickle.  I like it in the middle of the night.  It is so freaking good! When I was a little kid I put tomatoes in a bowl and put hot sauce and salt in it.  I had to hide it from my mother ‘cause she thought I’d get sick.

On her must have items (fashion):

Well right now I’m all about leggings.  I have to have Fendi shoes.  I’m obsessed with them now because they always fit me right.  I have small feet so to find shoes that fit me is a good thing.  I can’t leave home or go to the airport without my Louis Vuitton luggage

On her ultimate pet-peeves:

I hate people that burp.  I don’t wanna see you or hear you doing it.  I know someone that burps all day.  It’s like come on now, you’re making yourself burp.  I hate people that pick their nose.  Anyone that picks their nose can’t be my friend.  You can’t do that ever in my sight or else I have to dissociate you from the Barbies.  You can blow your nose but you can’t pick it.  My biggest one is cold. I  wish everyone that blasts air conditioners could all be jailed.  I’m tired of getting sick when I travel to my shows every weekend ‘cause idiots don’t cater to people with my kind of blood.  When I go to the studio if it is cold I will not work

On what she wants to learn:

I’d love to learn how to truly dance.  I studied dance in school a little ‘cause it was mandatory but I wish I could be trained.  I wish I could be trained in the gym.  I need to learn how to truly work out and eat right and get my health popping.  I want to be trained on how to use wisdom when I speak and think things out more before I say it.

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