Nicki Minaj is set to become the new face of Pepsi Cola.

The ‘Starships’ rapper recently signed on to be the face of Pepsi’s new beverage coined ‘Pop’!

According to Derek Jackson, the Glu agency chief who brokered the agreement, Minaj will become the face of a new Pepsi beverage nearing its debut. He said the pact, which includes a commercial filmed in South America last month (pixely footage has already leaked on YouTube), is a multimillion-dollar deal.

“You’ll see the commercial probably in the next two months,” Jackson told me before Lil Wayne’s performance at South By Southwest. “That’ll be a segue into a new beverage Pepsi has, called ‘Pop,’ and she’ll be the face of the brand … it’s going to be explosive.”

I guess Nicki is following the footsteps of her mentor, and big brother Lil Wayne who also landed a beverage deal of his own with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew, and Drake is currently peddles rival Coca-Cola’s Sprite beverage.

Looks like a competition of the BUBBLES with the YMCMB camp…lol!!


Source: Forbes

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