#NickiMinaj is being sued by #TracyChampan for copyright infringement because Nicki allegedly sampled Tracy’s song without her permission.

The song Tracy is referring to is Nicki’s “Sorry,” which features #Nas. “Sorry” was supposed to be on “Queen” but she couldn’t clear the sample from Tracy’s song, “Baby Can I Hold You,” so it was pulled.

But the tea is Tracy is claiming that shortly after that, someone from Nicki’s team reached out again saying Nicki “was inspired” by Chapman and would like the chance to talk it over with her, according to @Blast. However a few days later, Nicki tweeted and deleted that she did not even know “Sorry” sampled Tracy’s song.

Despite the song not being on the album, on August 11th, Tracy claims Nicki leaked the song to #FunkmasterFlex who teased the song on his social media playing it on #HOT97 that night.

Tracy says the song then appeared on another radio show and then made its rounds on the internet, which at that point, she claims, the damage was done.

Tracy is suing on the grounds of copyright infringement and is seeking an injunction barring Nicki from using the song ever again. She is also seeking unspecified damages related to the song leak.

There was no immediate public comment made available by Nicki or her team on the issue.

Despite these legal troubles regarding the leaked track, “Queen” has reached great success in the U.S.

The album was the fourth of Nicki’s to go platinum in the states. She’s also been successful in her hosting role for Queen Radio, an avenue she’s been using to give fans exclusive information and to spill all the tea about what’s going on in her life.

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