It’s only been a month since #NickCannon announced his shocking departure from his hosting gig at #AmericasGotTalent and it seems to have been a liberating experience for him.

In a recent sit-down with #EntertainmentTonight, Cannon explained in further detail that he decided to leave because he didn’t want to be defined by any one role he may play throughout his career.

“The entertainment industry itself [can] compartmentalize you,” Cannon said. “[People] get caught in a sense of like, ‘You should be happy to be here,’ or, ‘It is the dream job. Things like this don’t come along to everyone.’ But things like that don’t define me.”

As for his exit from #AGT, Cannon said that money just didn’t motivate him to stay and that his decision to leave was well-thought out.

“I’ve never operated for monetary gain. Money isn’t one of the things that moves me or inspires me,” he said. “I love [money]. I embrace it the way everyone else does on this planet, but I don’t make decisions based off of it,” he said, adding, “Everything I do is calculated.”

Who do you guys think could replace Nick at America’s Got Talent?

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