Chris Brown’s baby momma is facing legal action now that she’s accused of leaking deets about their daughter Royalty. Get more on the pending child support drama inside and watch Chris blast social media trolls over his non-mentions of the baby.

Chris Brown….you are (allegedly) the father! But he doesn’t want to talk about it.

While we haven’t heard a word from Chris Brown (officially) about his new status (now that he’s checking the “parent” box on parole forms), his Instagram rants are another story.

Fans…and trolls…took to Instagram and Twitter to blast the “No Bullsh*t” singer for not acknowledging the story about his daughter, 9-month old Royalty. His response…”I don’t owe you nosey muhfuckahs a damn thing”. You might have missed that statement in his comments on one of his recent posts, but he’s pretty clear. He’s not ready to talk about it…and that goes for baby momma Nia Guzman too. By the way, she was previously reportedly married and that is why her last name is currently Guzman.

According to sources at TMZ, part of Chris’ super secret child support deal with Nia was that she remain silent about the baby. In fact, they say she’s getting A LOT of money now, actually more than she would get if paperwork was involved. But that could all change….

Chris’ legal team believes Nia has leaked stories about their relationship, so now, they’re preparing legal docs to put a formal child support order in place. Whereas paperwork would be a good thing for most side chicks, Royalty and Nia are expected to get LESS money once a judge grants a formal order.

SMH….this is one case where Nia would stand to gain financially for staying out of the court system and keeping her mouth shut. Oh wells….maybe this is part of a grand scheme for fame? We’ll wait for her next move….

Photo via Chris’ Instagram/Sou Malandrona Instagram

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