Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett went on a long rant about the situation via twitter saying all he can do is laugh at her.

“All I can do is LOL at the jets Female Reporter! She walks into a locker room full of men and think some one not gonna say nothing LMFAO,” he said. “I don’t know what was said to her or whatever but u just have to know u going into a TEAM LOCKEROOM, and if its that serious WOMEN STAY OUT!” He even tweeted a picture of the reporter, writing, “Now why would u wear this!!! IM DONE!!”

I have to agree with Dockett on this one, why would you wear something like that in room full of men, she can’t help the built of her body, but she can watch the clothing that she’s wearing!!



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  1. i have to agree with Dockett also, but i have to disagree on her body.. that body looks DR enhanced and the poking out of her butt tels the whole story!

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