Angry sports fans are threatening to boycott the Super Bowl because Beyoncé’s ‘Black Lives Matter’-themed performance had her dancers dressed as Black Panthers.
The performance, which promotes the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement was deemed racist and viewers feel the singer should have left her political agenda at home. Apparently, a family sports event is not considered the place to get political. Most argue that they tune in to get away from politics, not have it shoved down their throats. She was also criticized for not having any white dancers during the performance. Check out all the disapproving tweets below.
Time to boycott the @SuperBowl halftime show with the racist @Beyonce. Obviously the @NFL lacks integrity. No surprise.— Stephen Hart (@HartS164) February 8, 2016
@NFL what an offensive half time show! Celebrating racist violence? no diversity whatsoever in @Beyonce ‘s dancers? Abuse your fans much?— Nicholas Virzi (@nicholasvirzi) February 8, 2016
Can’t believe NFL allowed #blackpanthers to be honored by @Beyonce like that. Celebrating a racist and violent group… unacceptable— Tyler Mahoney (@TheIrishMun) February 8, 2016
Hippocrit alert!#Beyonce gets police security & escort for Super Bowl 50 then salutes #BlackLivesMatter#NFL no more racist acts @ halftime— Cindy Lou Hoo (@chitchatinmd) February 8, 2016
Racist Beyonce’s display of racism at Super Bowl Halftime should send loud msg to NFL to stop the trash and return to true entertainment.— A Certain One (@leeotisbeit) February 8, 2016
Despicable @NFL Racist halftime show by @Beyonce, imagine a country artist wearing a KKK outfit? Done with NFL!— Dean Chamblin (@Dean4Storms) February 8, 2016
@RaburnBenge won’t be watching NFL allowing Beyoncé politicize half time show. I watch sports to relax not digest socialist propaganda— ken clark (@gkjjclark) February 7, 2016
Dear @NFL Keep allowing glorification of Black Panther Party & #BlackLivesMatter propaganda via #Beyoncé, & I’ll skip the games from now on.— Jodi McPhee Giddings (@JodiGiddings) February 8, 2016
@NFL Its a shame you will be giving Beyonce a platform to spread her anti police propaganda.— Kaleb (@kkraft7) February 7, 2016
NFL disgraces itself by letting Beyoncé sing about black lives matter #super bowl Keep politics out of the game.— John Wallace (@JohnWallace30) February 8, 2016
Beyoncé should have left her politics at home and the nfl should have stopped her performance. Black panthers are no different than the kkk— peter v (@PVarkal) February 8, 2016
@WEdwarda @INJO @NFL how can you let politics enter the SuperBowl? Beyonce is racist.— Denise Wendel (@MemphisGrits) February 8, 2016
Well thank you Pepsi, NFL, Beyonce & Coldplay for shoving your politics down my throat! SB50 #tcot— Laurie Baisdon (@saneaustinite) February 8, 2016
Only reason the #NFL added Beyonce/Bruno Mars is to avoid the diversity police. It is #BlackHistoryMonth. Everything is politics. #Embargo— WhowantsCityCouncil? (@LowellCouncilor) February 7, 2016
I’m offended by Beyoncé coming out with no white dancers the @NFL is racist— Chris (@ceekay133) February 8, 2016
Beyoncé lack of white back up dancers is racist… White girls can twerk too. Shame on the NFL.— Frankie buckley (@nofilterfrank) February 8, 2016Thoughts? …read more

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  1. I watch sports to see the game not to hear opinions on race. What does not being nominated for the Oscars have to do with football. If I have to respect your views and opinions I expect the same courtesy from you. I don’t want to hear about hate groups such as the KKK or the Black Panthers.

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