NFL Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell, and fiancée Jenny Montes call off wedding— just hours before ceremony. Just as they were preparing to walk down the aisle, Campbell decided that he doesn’t want to get married anymore. The couple invited 162 guests to their pre-wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic and they were all disappointed to hear that the reception was called off. Neither Campbell, nor Montes provided an explanation for their unexpected change of plans. However, the two seem to continue their relationship as the couple is staying in the Dominican Republic with her family.

Ever since the cancellation was announced, the Raiders’ quarterback was accused of dumping his fiancée at the altar. Campbell denied the allegations saying that he loves his girlfriend enough not to leave her in front of the altar.  Jason denies he “left her at the altar.”  He instead claims their decision to call off the wedding was “mutual.”  Jason told CSN Bay Area reporter, Kate Longworth, it’s not in his character to do something of that nature. Jason said the two decided to go ahead with the trip to the Caribbean Island and “just made a vacation out of it.”

Jason and Jenny met in 2005 when the NFL quarterback saw the former nightclub hostess dance in a bar. They became friends and they continued their platonic relationship for years. When Campbell moved to Oakland, California, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and they became romantically involved. One year later, the quarterback proposed to her on New Year’s Eve and they started the wedding preparations.