A mass in Newtown, Conn., was evacuated Sunday after a caller “threatened to kill people in the church,” according to a church spokesman.  An unidentified male called the church rectory and threatened to “kill everyone.”  The twisted caller went on to state, “My friend didn’t finish the job.”  Police were notified immediately after a church rectory personnel received the disturbing call.  Law enforcement advised church officials that the threat was credible enough to evacuate those attending the noon mass as quickly as possible.


Eight of the children who were killed in Friday’s shooting rampage at nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School had attended the church and some congregants are in the midst of planning funerals in the days to come.

Sunday’s Mass was among the largest gatherings in a town still staggering under the weight of tragedy.

The church will reopen for Mass Monday morning.

“This is a very difficult time for all the families. We have seen incredible dignity in the faces of these people,” Wallace said, adding “I don’t think anyone can be surprised about anything after what has happened.”

Wallace said it was an especially wrenching morning for church members.


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