The ice caps are melting and the swamp is getting ever murkier. But we’re still here, so let’s stay up to date with this dumpster fire.

1. Senator Chuck Schumer has called for the resignation of Jeff Sessions over allegations of links to Russia. President Trump’s picked some real winners so far. More here.

2. Antarctica has experienced its warmest day on record. Climate change cannot be denied and yet our president wants to cut funding to the EPA… Bad! More here.

3. Coachella and Yahoo have both reported data breaches. So Beyoncé fans and everyone’s dad may want to secure their accounts. More here and here.

4. Two transgender women were killed in New Orleans in 48 hours. This kind of violence cannot continue – if you see something, say something. More here.

5. Almost $200 million has been pledged internationally to organizations which offer abortion services since Trump reinstated the ‘global gag rule’. Other countries will not fail the world’s women, we hope the White House takes note. More here.


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