Florida will begin testing welfare recipients for illicit drug use under a new law signed by Governor Rick Scott on Tuesday. Floridians will have to submit urine, blood or hair samples for drug testing before receiving cash benefits from the state. “The goal of this is to make sure we don’t waste taxpayers’ money,” Scott said. “And hopefully more people will focus on not using illegal drugs.”

Taxpayers will reimburse welfare applicants for negative drug tests. Positive tests will carry an immediate ban on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families for six months. A second positive test will result in a three-year ban on state assistance.

Other states have studied the issue and decided testing all recipients was not cost effective, the Washington-based Center for Legal and Social Policy said in a study released in January.

Most states have drug[..]essment programs that do not include urine or blood tests. Some require drug tests from recipients who have been convicted of felony drug crimes.
He must not know the people I know, because the ones I know, know how to pass a drug test..LOL!!

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