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A grand jury has indicted former police officer Michael Slager on a murder charge in the death of Walter Scott. Also, the 15-year-old Black teen tackled during a police encounter in McKinney, Texas is speaking out. More on both stories inside…

In South Carolina…

Michael Slager , a former North Charleston police officer has been indicted for murder in the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who was running away from him following a traffic stop.

Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson announced the indictment today, saying, “The jury will make up its own mind after it sees the video and hears the other testimony,”

Walter Scott’s brother Rodney Scott said the family is “very happy and pleased” with the indictment.

Chris Stewart, a lawyer for Walter Scott’s family, spoke at a news conference today, following the announcement of the indictment, revealing that the family plans to file a wrongful death suit against North Charleston and its police force.

“Today was just an example of if you keep the faith, even in the darkest times, you will see the light. We are going to patiently wait for the criminal trial in this case and we are going to patiently wait to see if the city, the police department and the chief are going to take responsibility in the civil suit.”

Meanwhile, Michael Slager’s attorney, Andy Savage, told CNN that his defense team has not yet been given prosecutors’ investigative materials and would not comment on “any aspect” of the case until they have that information.

In Texas…

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen the viral video shot in McKinney Texas on Friday, showing officers responding to a disturbance at a pool party. Since the video began racking up millions of views on YouTube and headline clips around the country, a few developments have come out of the situation.

First, the police officer see wrestling a a bikini-clad 15-year-old girl to the ground and even aggressively confronting other teens with a gun, has been placed on administrative leave. He has been identified as Eric Casebolt as was interviewed today by an internal police investigator.

Here’s the backstory:

According to NBC News, police officers were first called to the scene about (8:15 p.m. ET) to respond to a disturbance at the Craig Ranch Community North Pool in the Dallas area. Several more calls came in reporting that the teens were”actively fighting,”

McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley told reporters his officers “encountered a large crowd that refused to comply with police commands.” Eventually, 12 officers show up to control the situation.

Brandon Brooks (who shot the video), told NBC the fight was over by the time cops arrives but they started chasing people and throwing them on the ground.

“When I started the video was right after all the kids who got put on the ground had gotten up and ran away. The cop was chasing after all those kids just putting every black person he saw on the ground.”

On the video below, you’ll see the the teen shown on the video with the officer shares her side of the story. SIDEBAR: She says she was an invited guest at the pool party, and not involved in the fight which police officers responded to.

“He grabbed me and he twisted my arm on the back of my back and he shoved me in the grass. He started pulling the back of my braids. And I was telling him he could get off me because my back was hurting really bad.”

Today, the police chief held a press conference where he told reporters

“Virtually, we’re talking to everyone we’ve come in contact with, everyone who was out there or involved in this incident. Ultimately, everyone was freed. Other than the person who was arrested, everyone was released to a parent or guardian or to a responsible adult. Any time you confront a large group of people, it’s a very dynamic situation and tensions can rise very quickly,”

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