What type of ISH is this, a government investigator says 89,000 stimulus payments of $250 each went to people who were either dead or in prison. The Social Security Administration’s inspector general said in a report Thursday that $18 million went to 72,000 people who were dead. The report estimates that a little more than half the payments were returned.  

The report said $4.3 million went to a little more than 17,000 prison inmates.

The payments were part of the government’s massive economic recovery package enacted in February 2009. Under the law, the $250 payments were sent to about 52 million Social Security recipients and federal retirees.


Source: AP News

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  1. What a bunch of Gd fools… now they wont give these older folks a increase and their dumb butts sent checks to dead people… folks need to complain about this mess.. th eolder folks need help more than any one.. plus they have put into the working pot way more than others!! How the hell can you send checks to dead folks… bunch of idiots!!

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