#Roommates, a man by the name of #JoelRosquette wasn’t playing when it came to his noisy neighbors! The 50-year-old New York native was arrested on Tuesday for unknowingly hiring a federal agent to “take care” of his neighbors who he felt partied too much in his Washington Heights apartment building.

According to @WashingtonPost, Joel was so fed up with his neighbors that lived across the hall, that he got in contact with an acquaintance who he thought sold guns and asked him if he knew of anyone who would “take care” of some people for him. Of course the man he spoke to alerted police and their sting operation began! The acquaintance was instructed to set Joel up with a hitman (who was really an FBI agent) and carry out the hit.

But get this, Joel didn’t only want his neighbors “taken care of,” he also wants the building manager axed for not doing anything to his neighbors when he complained in the first place!

Authorities moved in when the FBI agent posing as the hitman confirmed he had allegedly killed one of the neighbors and asked Joel “You want me to kill this guy, you sure?” To which Joel answered “110% YES!” Joel was arrested shortly after.

In a statement by the FBI agent who arrested Joel, he said: “In the end, he was fooled by the merits of his own plan.” There’s no word on what sentence Joel will be facing but word to the wise roommates, if your neighbors are getting on your nerves, TALK it through!

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/03/08/a-new-yorkers-solution-to-noisy-neighbors-was-murder-says-the-fbi-but-it-didnt-go-as-planned/?utm_term=.adbb404838ad

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