New York state colleges may soon be able to expect a large enrollment increase seeing as Andrew Cuomo, governor of the Big Apple announced a proposal for the Excelsior Scholarship.

“We’re gonna start this year, The Excelsior Scholarship,” Governor Cuomo said. “Which says very simply: free tuition to a state two-year school or a four-year school, if you come from any family earning $125,000 or less, the state will provide free tuition!”

Former Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders,  followed up with the stats—pointing out that The United States used to rank #1 in graduation percentage ratings.

“Today we are #11. That is not what America is supposed to be about,” he said. “And today what Governor Cuomo is proposing is a revolutionary idea for higher education and it’s an idea that not only going to reverberate not only throughout the state of New York but throughout this country.”

Well, we don’t know about y’all but you don’t have to convince us to be here for free tuition!

Source: CNN

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