A new report finds that homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular way for Americans to teach their children and other students about #BlackHistory, according to @NewsOne.

The report from @NBCNews suggests that more African-American families, particularly in the South, are homeschooling because of the lack of black history in public school curriculums. Parents are also fed up with the disproportionate disciplining of black students.

Parents have also turned to homeschooling to create their own curriculums to provide kids with a more comprehensive education about Black history. U.S. history classrooms in public schools spend a limited amount of time on Black history, about less than 10 percent of total course hours, according to a 2015 study by the #NationalCouncilofSocialStudies.

The report says some schools may also cover some of the Black history facts and moments parents feel children should know. Schools will discuss slavery and civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but they tend to gloss over other important, but lesser-known moments.

The report found that with parents taking their child’s or children’s education into their own hands, they can fill in the gaps and provide a personal touch while teaching Black history.

Parents can also use other avenues, such as a trip to the National Museum Of African American History And Culture, as an educational space.

The report also suggests that homeschooling has become a “form of resistance” for parents who seek a better alternative for teaching kids about Black history.

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