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Jodeci brings back baby making music on their latest single “Every Moment.” Listen to the song inside and get the deets on Tweet enlisting Missy and Timbaland to produce her upcoming album.

With snowstorms blanketing the east coast, Jodeci dropped a sultry makeout single “Every Moment.” Capturing the band’s signature harmonies and R&B swag, the passionate track affirms the importance of having someone special. It’s the perfect background for an intimate night with Bae.

The sun, the moon, the stars
It can’t compare to you and me
Cause you are my everything
And I can’t explain
(And I can’t complain)
You never out of range
The wind, the rain, the sea
It just can’t move like you and me baby
So can you feel the breeze
When you’re laying next to me baby
Chills come constantly

Give me all of me
Giving you all of me too
Trusting me, trusting you
In my life

Every morning is so sweet
When you laying next to me
Our hearts begin as one
Nothing we can overcome

“Every Moment” will appear on Jodeci’s forthcoming album via Epic Records. On Facebook, the band made a joking nod to all their fans who’ll be hooking up to the new single. “To all of our #EastCoast fans…guess it’s safe to say that some babies will be made to #EveryMoment! #JODECIForever #jodeci”

Listen to “Every Moment” here:

In other new music…

Fans of Southern Hummingbird Tweet can expect new tracks from the guitar-strumming diva and some familiar friends. During an interview with The Skorpion Show, she announced a new record deal and revealed that she’ll be reuniting with Missy and Timbaland too! Here are the highlights:

On new music:

It’s coming. I just signed with someone–it’s official too. But I can’t make the official announcement yet, I’m so mad. It’s a big label. It’s for real though.

On reuniting with Missy and Timbaland for her new project:

I took it back to who it worked with the first time. The same producers, Missy and Tim…. We’re family. We’ve known each other for forever. Tim even called me and said he needed me to do some stuff on my record. So I was like yeah. And Missy always calls and says ‘We got to do this. Let’s do some records together.’ She’s always still pushing me.

On finding her voice and what listeners can expect:

It’s still pages out of my diary. So you’ll still know what I’ve been through. The ups and downs, the in and out of love. But I think you’ll hear a lot of maturity in my voice. With the first album Southern Hummingbird, I was kind of timid and afraid to be–even though it was a great album. I was still like ‘I don’t know.’ Insecure. And then the second album I had to compromise and put different types of songs that weren’t me on there.

On being a grandmother:

It’s the best thing in the world. I never knew love like that. I said that before but I never knew what it meant. I can feel what it means now. I can have a terrible day and that little boy will walk in the room. Everything is lifted. It’s a love that you’ll never–unless you go through or see it.

Watch the interview here:


Tweet appears on Jeff Bradshaw’s latest single “All Time Love” alongside ft. Robert Glasper and Eric Roberson. Enjoy.

Photos via Tweet’s Instagram

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