“You’re going to hear the pages turn” as Jill Scott removes her gazelle frames in order to allow Paul Wall’s “arms” to “soothe” her on “So Gone (What My Mind Says).” Deliberating on a road that she has “been down before,” Jill Scott finds her body ignoring “what her mind” says to her. She tries to hide by laying low but Paul Wall “continuously” does “all the right things” to seduce her physical emotions that are “deep down inside” of her. Unable to maintain her conservative approach, she is afraid of the effectiveness performed by the “man of steel” on “So Gone (What My Mind Says).”

Paul Wall knows that Jill Scott has an “ocean of soul” & is confident that his “technique” that will keep her coming “back to back” as he “maneuvers” his “tongue.” Pulling her hair while her “eyes roll back,” Paul Wall knows that his ability to “chop & screw” will have her enjoying his “thickness” as “So Gone (What My Minds Says)” plays in the background.

“So Gone (What My Mind Says)” will be featured on Jill Scott’s new album “The Light of the Sun,” which will be released on June 21, 2011.

I’m feeling this song right here, what about you??

So Gone (What My Mind Says) – Jill Scott feat. Paul Wall by

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