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Big Sean has a new track, “Research”, and he also seemingly has some pretty nasty things to say about his ex. Check out his latest single featuring his current girlfriend Ariana Grande inside…

Big Sean strikes again. And this time it seems to be at Naya Rivera…again. Well, she is now a married woman so she’s likely unbothered.

As if “IDFWU” wasn’t enough, he’s back with another catchy-song that totally trashes an “unnamed” ex. Naturally….we assume it’s his ex-fiancee Naya Rivera.

This go round, the “ex” is accused of being VERY jealous, breaking into emails, keying cars and kicking it with “other” rappers like Drake and Meek Mill. Definite no-nos.

Through all the evil in your eyes I can still see the good though
But you unlockin’ my cell like you is a cop
How you decode all my V-mails, G-mails even P.O. boxes got me P.O.’d
You saw my emails with CeCe when you wasn’t CC’d

You talkin’ bout I had the key to your heart
Then I got my first European you took that key then you keyed it

I saw you wearin’ Drake’s chain like you were part of his crew
I saw you chillin’ with Meek Mill up at the summer jam

Seein’ you at the SoHo House I know you can’t afford that tab

And why does Drake ALWAYS pop up when it comes to rappers’ girlfriends?

Sean even DRAGS his ex for not having a job (remember those rebutted rumors that Naya was fired from “Glee”?)

These hoes be doing research
I swear she like this piece of hair off in the sink ain’t come from me first, no, no
You hang around too God damn long it’s like you need work
Do you, do you, do you got a job? I mean, for real.”
Man, these hoes be doing research
Doin’ research

Sheesh. “Research” is set for Big Sean‘s new album, Dark Sky Paradise (in stores February 24th).

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