Ice Cube tweeted a deal he is working on with New Line Cinemafor a new Friday movie. Sixteen years after the first Friday film  was released, constant Ice Cube supporters and Friday fans have something to look forward to.  A little over eight hours ago, Ice Cube tweeted that he is working out a deal with New Line Cinema for the hopefully upcoming film.

Cube may also be directing the film and TMZ is reporting that Chris Tucker is in “serious talks” to reprise his role of “Smokey” in the franchise, which includes three films: Friday, Next Friday and Friday After Next.

Curious fans would love to know if our favorites are going to be in the film and they will be but only if they are affordable. In 1995 actresses such as Nia Long and Regina King were not expensive to cast but now that these two are household names with a great resume they can be a little pricey.

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