Roommates, have you guys seen #Bright featuring #WillSmith on Netflix? Dozens of movie critics have given the film horrific ratings—Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 28%. Despite what they call a “terrible” movie, “Bright” seems to be a hit amongst regular people like us—securing a 93% on Google Review!

#Bright’s non-commercial success is mainly due to the fact that certain characters and systems in the film are metaphors for principalities and systematic issues that we are dealing with here in the United States. Viewers recognize this and are totally down with the way that the story is laid out and the point it’s trying to get across to viewers.

The film has received well over 11 million streams and Netflix confirmed today that it is already set for a sequel! Check out these hidden gems in “Bright” and tell us if you caught them too and, more importantly, if you’re here for a sequel!

1.) The Elves are “The Haves,” The Orcs & Fairies are “The Have-Nots” and The Humans represent the middle class.

Back in December, Will Smith told #Firstpost that he decided to do the film after discovering that it flipped the social ladder. “Everybody wants to feel like they’re better than somebody. That’s what our ego does. And whether it’s racism or sexism or nationalism, it really is just a quest for our individual and collective egos to feel like we’re good enough,” Smith said.

He continued, “And it’s just that we feel like we’re good enough by being better than someone else. So, I never comprehended that before playing this character.”

2.) Money Is The Motive

Everyone seems to be after the wand and even kill to get it. It represents wealth or status which is why the renegade elves are looking for it throughout the film. This is also the case for the thugs who sought its power. It was their quick come-up. Both parties, however, learn that what you have doesn’t equate to happiness.

3.) Interracial dating is a myth.

If you look closely, you don’t see any interracial dating between the difference races except in the human race. Will is with a white woman, but the Orcs ONLY mate with Orcs, Elves with Elves and Fairies with Fairies. This seems to mirror how Latino, Asian and White families rarely date out of their race.

Black children are often taught by their parents that these races “know how to stick together” and attribute their financial success or literacy as an entire race to being able to build together as one racial unit. This is depicted in “Bright” and is, perhaps, a wakeup call.

4.) Black cops struggle to not look like sellouts in the name of serving and protecting people who look like them.

Sometimes, many cops of color may let a lot of petty offenses slide, because they have an inner conflict with not wanting to “put another Black/Latino/Asian man in the system.” Not only will they be labeled as a traitor by their own people, but it may not be accepted afterwards.

Jakoby, the only Orc policeman in the society, experiences this in the film after he lets an innocent Orc go in the midst of a police chase. Other Orcs still don’t accept him, because being a cop is too much of a conflict of interest.

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