NeNe Leakes admitted that some of her friendships were affected by the drama surrounding her “I Dream of NeNe” wedding, and it seems Marlo Hampton may be on that list of those with whom things have changed.



“After working with Marlo on the show, I could see why she was not a housewife because she’s super difficult. She’s super extra.”

NeNe also told Entertainment Weekly:

“When Marlo and I worked on ‘Real Housewives [of Atlanta],’ she was just appearing here and there. When we worked on ‘I Dream of NeNe,’ I could see her business sense, and it just wasn’t attractive.”

Does that mean NeNe now agrees with her longtime friend Diana Gowin, who accused Marlo of being an opportunist?

“Diana is a good girlfriend of mine,” she explained. “She became super-protective, a security guard, a gate keeper, just everything you can think of. That is her nature.“

NeNe named Diana and Marlo as the two most difficult of the nine Bridesmaidzillas who walked down the aisle at her wedding. Though they were at odds with one another, NeNe said they had the same problem: forgetting to put her first.

“It was unbelievable that they could not step outside of themselves and say that this is a wedding for NeNe, our friend, and let’s just be here to support her. They argued most of the time; they were really never satisfied.”

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  1. Diana pegged Marlo correctly!! Nene is so blinded by fame and attention whoring she couldn’t see the forrest for the trees. Marlo is a bottom-feeder

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