Nelly’s tour bus was raided last night in Texas and the rapper was detained, as police officers searched his tour bus at a Texas checkpoint and found heroin, marijuana and a loaded gun on board.

The border-town checkpoint that has recently been in the national spotlight came across another celebrity sighting Wednesday evening. Rapper Nelly, aka Cornell Iral Haynes, was in his tour bus when it stopped at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint around 8 p.m. to declare U.S. citizenship.

During the stop, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection dog alerted officers, said Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Rusty Fleming.

Fleming said the inspection revealed nine sealed bags of marijuana, 36 small baggies of heroine and a loaded .45-caliber pistol. Nelly, Brian Keith Jones and five other people who have not been identified were detained and read their Miranda warning rights.

Fleming said Jones confessed to authorities that the paraphernalia and weapon belonged to him. Total weight of the marijuana seized was 10.4 pounds, and 0.64 ounces of heroin was seized, Flemming said.

Jones was placed under arrest. Nelly and the other passengers were let go, said Fleming.

A bond hearing is expected either Thursday or Friday for Jones.


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