Rapper Nelly bumped gums with The Breakfast Club to chat about why his career isn’t on top of the game anymore and why he continues to stay quiet about his BFF singer, Ashanti. He also put out some subtle threats to Charlamagne after getting grilled by him about his “cold career.”

Nelly’s seventh studio album will be released this fall entitled M.O.

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On beef with Flo Rida

Nelly says the song “Apple Bottom Jeans” was not originally his like people think, it was indeed Flo’s. There’s no beef with Flo even though it seems like the now bald rapper jacked his style. Nelly says he respects the fact Flo was a fan of his and made his own mark on music.

On his “cold career”

Charlamagne questioned him–several times–on how he felt about his career not being at the top like it used to be. Nelly got slightly offended and said

that’s his opinion. But a career has ups and downs–as long as you’re around that’s what matters.

On his relationship with Ashanti

“Like I said before, me and baby girl are real cool. It’s not going to change until we want to change it.” Nelly said people think it’s only his decision on whether or not they discuss their relationship publicly–it was a mutual decision.

On his ventures outside of music

Apple Bottom Jeans is still around with two stores in Dubai. It’s been around for 10 years and the only urban female clothing line around for that long. He still owns Troop brand and just opened a school in St. Louis. He’s also making an appearance on Queen Latifah’s upcoming CW music competition show “The Next”. He also may do the actual tv show “Househusbands” with Kevin Hart. And he still has his part ownership of the Bobcats.

On loving “Love & Hip Hop ATL” and if he would work with Joseline

“You know what; I think it’s made for TV. When people get upset about that show, I think they taking it seriously and there’s nothing to be taken seriously about that show, it’s entertainment. I tune in to laugh. I think Stevie J is made for television!”

“Yeah, I would [laugh and hang up if Stevie J asked me to work with Joseline.] I definitely would, but you know what, I’d tune in to watch him get on the phone and ask.”

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