Rapper #Nas and singer #Kelis have been divorced for about seven years now. They share an 8-year-old son who the rapper claims his ex is being wishy-washy with when it comes his visitation. Nas is ready to nip that in the bud, though!

According to documents obtained by @Blast, Nas states that he has “tried to work cooperatively with Kelis over the years,” but claims that he gets to spend time with their son only “when she deems it convenient for her.” The rapper also claims that for months at a time Kelis will “refuse to set up time for our son and me to spend time together.”

Nas’ solution to this issue is a schedule which he has proposed. He wants to spend time with their son on the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends of each month. Kelis will get Mother’s Day while Nas gets Father’s Day. The rest of the schedule is as follows (it’s a bit confusing!):

The little boy will spend Mother’s Day with Kelis and Father’s Day with Nas, and they each get to celebrate their own birthday with him.


The Blast reports:

“Kelis gets Halloween in even years, Nas gets odd.

Kelis gets July 4 in even years, Nas gets odd.

Kelis gets Summer Break in odd years, Nas gets even.

Kelis gets Thanksgiving in odd years, Nas gets even.

Kelis gets the child’s birthday in odd years, Nas gets even.”



Yes, for Nas taking this much initiative to spend time with his son! We need more fathers like this.

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Source: https://theblast.com/nas-kelis-custody-schedule-visitation-knight/

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