Naomi Campbell wants black people to boycott products from Kraft Foods.  The legendary runway model is pissed as sh*t that Cadbury used her name in an ad for their new chocolate bar Bliss and is calling the company racist.

The ad, which is pictured above, says: “Move over Naomi – there is a new diva in town.”

Disgust at the ad prompted members of the public to complain to the campaign group Operation Black Vote (OBV), which has called for Cadbury to apologize. OBV’s Simon Woolley said that without an apology, the “only recourse black people have is not to buy its chocolate”. He has written to the American civil rights activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to ask them to mobilize the country’s Afro-American population. “I want them to know what their parent company is doing in Europe. I’ve asked them to support us.”

A spokesperson for Cadbury insisted that the campaign was “a light-hearted take on the social pretensions of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss”. He added later, however, that the campaign was “no longer in circulation… we have no plans to repeat the campaign.”

We see what Naomi was talking about, but technically they didn’t call her “chocolate” they called her a “diva”! Do you find it insulting when black people are referred to as chocolate? Does Naomi deserve an apology from Cadbury?