Wassup Gumbumpers…. It’s your girl DeeJ. How y’all been doing?  I’ve been missing for a couple weeks but, hopefully I can get back on track.  I started back to school so, I had to get reorganized – serious struggle mode! But it’s all good. I graduate in May (thank you sweet baby Jesus).  So let’s catch up!!!!! Oh and I have a new feature to my little article – Unseen!!! For those items I see, but don’t see! Wink wink

SuperBowl XLVII (47) – Well the Baltimore Ravens are the 2013 Super Bowl Champions. Ray Lewis gets to retire with another ring. I started watching from the halftime. I saw two plays and the lights went off. I was like “what the flarn filth, did the lights just go off!”  I couldn’t believe it, a bad look for New Orleans.  Or did Beyonce’s performance knock the lights off??? LOL

Ray Lewis

Keyshia Cole vs Michelle Williams – OMG what the hell is wrong with KeyKey??? Yall I think she done bumped her head or smoking with Frankie something. Why is she going in on ‘Chelle like that? Chelle aint done her nothing? Michelle goes to the JayZ and Beyonce Finishing School and sent out a polite answer to KeyKey’s rants and didn’t even mention her name but KeyKey still snapping off on Twitter. She needs to leave it alone, my goodness. We don’t care that ‘Chelle was slow. We don’t care that KeyKey can’t sing live to save her life is mad cuz she didn’t get asked to perform and will never be asked to perform live except on BET.  KEYSHIA MARIE COLE GIBSON let it go. Michelle ain’t worried about you. She got 99 problems and Bitch you ain’t 1!

KeyKey vs ‘Chelle

Real Husbands of Hollywood – If you a’int watching this mess I don’t know what you’re doing with your life! Now the first episode wasn’t that funny to me but these last few had me cracking the hell up! Kevin Hart is a fool and need to sit his too short ass down. Always running his mouth and getting in trouble. He is the ONLY Mitch on the show. I can’t wait to see the episode with him boxing Shane Mosley fine ass.

Real Husbands of Hollywood!

The 55th Annual Grammy’s –  Now to be honest I did not watch the Grammy’s cuz I busy breathing and watching Shameless and House of Lies on Showtime. Anyhoo, I read the blogs and looked at the pics.  For the most part everyone looked nice.  I only remember one artist’s outfit burning my corneas and if you seen it then you know who the hell I’m talking about. All the men I seen looked very handsome in their Tuxes! I’m still trying to figure out what the hell The Dream was wearing. Was he going for a casting call for “Boyz in the Hood 2- Attack of the Smediums.” Rihanna and Chris Brown were at the Grammy’s together. No Surprise there. Do we even care about them being a couple? I really think people are to the point that they just want him to pick one girl and sit his ass down.  Well maybe that’s just me. Chris didn’t stand up when Frank Ocean beat him. Another I don’t care.  Cuz to be honest did you really expect him to stand up? When was the last time you stood up for someone you didn’t like. I would be under my breath saying all kinds of four letter words that they bleep out! Hell naw I aint being a good sport. They just had the fight last week. They aint even had time to kiss and make up.

The Dream and His Hat
Chris and Rihanna
Justin Timberlake, Adele, Chris Brown

Mendeecees Harris – Can you say one lucky… Shut your mouth! Well he beat one case let’s see if that magic can happen for him again.  Who the hell names their child that shit anyways! Ugh I bet he never had enough “E’s” in the cereal to spell his name and Yandy is his ride or die chick. This goes out to all the baby mommas.

Yandy and Mendeecees

SCANDAL – Yes I had to put it in all caps! Lawd have mercy. If you not watching Scandal on Thursday’s at 9pm central on ABC I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.  I have to put the kids out the room. I’m not doing any homework, answering the phone or texting. Then I gots to Tweet with the rest of the Scandal Junkies on Twitter!  Concentrating on every word and I still have to rewind every now and then (thank you sweet baby Jesus for the DVR). This is the only show I know that got me rooting for the mistresses and the murderers! I could have snatched Fitz’s ass bald the way he played Olivia in that church, straight Pimp move. I was not upset when he killed Verna then did her eulogy like he meant it! All I could do was shake my head, literally!

Huck (Murderer) and Olivia (Mistress)

UnSeen Items  – A certain music executive filed a lawsuit against a reality show and the producers last year but somehow the lawsuit has mysteriously disappeared with no settlement on either end.  I wonder why? Makes you go hmmmmmm!

This reality star is having twitter accusations AGAIN about her corrupt and illegal ways but also being a WHORE?

This infamous Momager has landed a talk show! OMG I WILL NOT be watching. I need to go get me a talk show? What yall think take this blog on the road “Live with DeeJ!” My ass will be banned before the first commercial! 


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