According to DeeJ!

Wassup Gumbumpers…. It’s your girl DeeJ. I’m here with another week of My Prerogative the World According to DeeJ!!! It has been a trying week for me y’all. First I had a flat tire coming home from work. Get the tire changed to the donut spare saying to myself I’ll get it fixed the weekend. Well the donut had other plans and I caught a flat on the donut going to work Friday morning.  Now if that ain’t some Hot GHETTO MESS!!!!  But I digress and let’s get on with the good stuff.


Presidential Inauguration/ Beyonce & Lip-Sync Gate – PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was sworn in for his second term as President of these United States of America for four more years.  The FLOTUS looked stunning as she always does.  Beyonce  sang the national anthem and was accused of lip-synching. Do I care? Hell to the NO Bobby! They need to leave Lip Sync-gate alone. I’m not a Beyonce stan but really people, what difference does it make if she did or didn’t. I’m not a diehard fan but, Beyonce has class. She don’t pay the bloggers or haters any mind. She don’t get on twitter or facebook responding to anything anyone says. Wendy Williams all but called her illiterate. Did Bey respond? Hell no.  Tamar Braxton said she faked her pregnancy. Did Bey respond? Hell no. That’s a lesson the rest of these Twitter Stars need to take and stop being E-Gangsters!    

Bishop Larry D Trotter – Who in the hell told this man of “God”  that it was a good idea to take a bath with his granddaughter, take a picture of the two of them in the tub, then post the MF’er  on a social network? What the hell was he thinking? If that ain’t a prime example of when “Keeping it Real Goes Wrong!”  Whoever’s advising him need they ass kicked.  People are going to get enough of putting everything on social media websites. Was nothing learned from all the troubles with Michael Jackson and young children and social media wasn’t even in existence then.  SMH Common sense ain’t all that’s common now is it?

Former New Orleans Mayor C.Ray Nagin Indicted – Y’all this one about blew me out the water! Now I’m not really surprised about the indictment as I am disappointed. I mean New Orleans, Louisiana is just as corrupt as Chicago, Illinois. Ray (I feel I can call him that seeing as he’s about to be a convicted felon) campaigned on this whole anti-corruption bid talking all that shit after Katrina about how New Orleans will be Chocolate City again. He don’t know chocolate city YET! He better hope for Club Fed and not a state pen cuz they will be showing him the real meaning of Chocolate City in there!

Shawty Lo and All His Baby Momma’s – Well it looks like Shawty Lo is willing to go to extremes to get his show on the small screen. This past weekend there was buzz around the internet that he was arrested over the for failure to pay child support.  I was all in a rage. I was like “wasn’t that saggin’ just on the radio talking about how he support his kids now this.” Oh I was going to light his ASS UP!!!! Well according to via the Hip Hop Enquire it was all a stunt to get his show back on the air.  I’m not going to lie when I first heard about the show I was like “I’m not watching that sh!t!” BUT after watching the trailer I changed my mind.  I will be watching the show if it comes on. I signed the petition.   I don’t think it’s going to make but if it does watch out for my write up on it!

Robin Roberts / GMA – It looks like Robin Roberts is working on her return to the day time talk show. She is doing some test runs in the studio to make sure she is physically capable.  I’m sure working on a talk show is stressful and demanding.  In any regards I wish her the best and happy returns. Even with no hair she is still beautiful and that smile is priceless!! I wish her all the best.

Next Week: Who knows let’s just wait and see what I find interesting or very irritating! Until next week. Have a Gumbumping week!!!

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