I thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to reality TV, well I guess not!

There is a new show being kicked around that is set  for air and signing any day now. It’s called Preacher’s Exes.

The cast of “Preacher’s Exes”  currently stands as Lynn Littlejohn, Ysidra M. Kyles (daughter of Houston, Texas pastor Rufus Kyles), Rochelle WallaceDiShan Winters,  and Cheron K Griffin II.

First Look At New Reality Show ‘Preacher’s Exes’ [VIDEO]

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Now when I think of a First Lady, I’m think of a ALMOST perfect woman, which we know, know one is perfect, but I see why these chicks are exes, LOL!!

In the teaser reel of the show Griffin talks in a group therapy session about being in the hospital after the birth of her third child and recovering from having her tubes tied, while her preacher husband was at home watching pοrn and soliciting sεx. Those experiences are exactly what the church refuses to deal with, Griffin says, and exposing them is, in part, her motivation for the reality show.

“As the preacher’s wife, I felt isolated even in the marriage because no one seemed to care about my pain as the wife who was suffering silently. I did approach my leaders with my issues, but nothing was done. Everyone seemed to care more about us ministering than my home falling apart. This was very difficult for me because I was depressed, misunderstood, and even questioning the God I served and if he really loved me,” she says.

Watch the trailer for “Preacher’s Exes” here:


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