Bad boy/R&B singer, Chris Brown, just can’t seem to catch a break these days. Every time he loses his temper or hashes out at someone the media brings it right back to that situation from over a year ago…. And according to TMZ reports we’re hearing the basketball star Tony Parker is using Chris’ most recent incident as evidence in his court room docs as a means to prove that Chris Brown has a bad temper that he seemingly cannot control. This all happened when Tony suffered and eye injury during that Drake & Chris Brown brawl last year.

Tony Parker Sues Chris Brown

Here’s what TMZ said:

Chris Brown’s volcanic temper — in particular his recent blowup with Frank Ocean — has ironically become NBA star Tony Parker’s secret weapon in a lawsuit against a New York City nightclub … TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story … Parker has filed a $20 million lawsuit against W.i.P. nightclub, claiming it should never have let Brown in last June — the night his posse fought with Drake’s people … a fight that ended with a shard of glass piercing Tony’s cornea.

Tony has just filed new legal docs in his lawsuit, claiming Chris Brown’s parking-spot fiasco last week with Frank Ocean is proof he’s unfit to socialize in places where he’s likely to fly off the handle.

You’ll recall … the fight between team Brown and team Drake at W.i.P. erupted because both men were romantically linked to Rihanna.

And speaking of Rihanna … Tony’s new legal docs make reference to her brutal beating … at the hands of one Chris Brown.

Tony believes there was more than enough evidence on the table to deny Chris a table at W.i.P. on the violent night in question.

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