DAMN some photos have surfaced of Bishop Eddie Long, and some of the Long Fellow members. A bestfriend of one of the Bishop accusers sat down with Fox 5 for a exclusive interview.   Antonio Makins says he has reason to believe the sexual misconduct allegations of a man he considers a brother. Antonio grew up with the accuser Jamal Parris, and Makins says that in April Parris wrote a long note on Facebook about Eddie Long being a “monster,” but he did not specifying Long’s name at that time. Also, Makins says while he was stationed in Iraq two years ago, Parris called him to talk about the sexual relationship he was having with Eddie Long. Makins says he saw the gifts, jewelry and money that Long gave to both Parris and his mother.

Check out some more photos that HipHopBlog.com obtained.

I will keep my comments to myself, but what do you think?

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