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Mo’nique is still on the talk show circuit. Today, she’s addressing those legs she finally shaved and the incessant rumors about her being “difficult”. Check it inside….

Comedienne and Oscar winning actress Mo’nique is showing off her new body while making her rounds to promote hr new film Blackbird. She stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” today (before syopping by Huffington Post Live, above, with her co-star) to chop it up about things we’ve been wondering about.

After coming out to a standing ovation, Mo explained why she went back on her word about not caring about mainstream beauty standards when it comes to shaving her legs. She says she didn’t necessarily change her mind….but her had was forced with age.

“I didn’t care. And I still don’t. But what happened was, as I got older, the hair began to fall out in different places. So one night, Sid and I were in the closet, and he said ‘Mama, you’re starting to have spots on your legs. It look like you got the mang-y. So you got to do something about that. So I shaved them that night and been shaving them ever since. If I still had it I would still wear it well.”

She explained her new body is all about being healthy — eating healthy ad working ot five times a day. She’s not trying to get down to a certain weight or a certain size, just “trying to be the healthiest Mo’nique I can be.”

And then they got to those Lee Daniels emails that Mo’Nique exposed this week to prove she WAS inf act offered the role of Cookie….despite Lee claiming otherwise.

What I will say is, he misspoke. He said some things he and I and my husband Sidney know are not true.

And about that Cannes drama with her declining to promote Precious for no pay, she MAY have indirectly revealed they did cover her travel accommodations (since they offered to upgrade her room and give her a few more days in France in exchange for her attending). So it’s still unclear if they wanted her to pay for all her travel herself, or if she wanted EXTRA pay to promote in France in addition to her promotion she did in the States..

After receiving $50,000 to film Precious, Mo’nique said:

They wanted me to go to France, to Cannes. When Fox call and they asked me—because Mo’nique promoted the movie so well in the States, we would love for her to go over to Cannes in France and do the carpet and promote the movie. I said I respectfully decline. Because I was doing “The Mo’Nique Show at the time, i was on a comedy tour, I was a wife and a mommy. And I had a little bit of downtime. So I respectfully declined to go to France and promote the movie for free. Baby, they kept calling.

My husband said, well what is the offer attached. They said, “Oh no, we would never pay anyone to promote a movie.” We understood. We said, “We would never fly out of the country for free to promote your movie.”

She spoke about why actors get a bad wrap when they take a stand against being what they see as “lowballed.” She also spoke about repairing her relationship with her oldest son Shalon. Check it below:

Mo also hit the carpet at the Blackbird premiere last night at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem:

The movie opens tomorrow night!

Photos: INF/Daniel Zuchnik and Ron Adar

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